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24. Shape Shifting Faces and The Reference of Spirits

Shape Shifting Faces and The Reference of Spirits.

When being spoken to in the realm of the paranormal, images of what appeared to be spirits referencing themselves as demons happened regularly. Were these in fact spirits? These voices and images that I was seeing appeared to know a lot about philosophies and they appeared to know a lot about the Bible, so much so that I decided to verify 2 CHRONICLES 12:15

And he ordained him priests for the high places, and for the devils, and for the calves which he had made.

This disclaimer references details in identifying who we are referring to when using words such as Angels, Demons, and Spirits. I heard one conversation in the realm of the paranormal that said the individual didn't want to be called a demon and wanted to be called by its real name and another conversation that I heard indicated it wanted to be called an Angel, as the voice appeared to be referencing the Bible. Who was the voice that I heard or the voices in the conversation?

Spiritual powers are taking people to court when and if necessary, so what we reference and what we say is important. It would be a travesty to lose a few million for improperly identifying someone, so it's important to properly identify, verify, and clarify conversation when referencing individuals.

I saw an individual in the spiritual realm that had a face that would shape shift from one face to another. Who was this individual? Literally, the individual's face would shape shift into another face. To see an individual that appears to have a spiritual body shape shift right in front of you is something that I found interesting. At that time, I had never seen that before. Imagine a humans face shape shifting, face by face merging into or out of one another and picture what that would look like.

I have heard conversations in the realm of the paranormal talking about spirits being bound to one another and living in one body. Is it possible that this visitation that I saw was infact spirits living in one spiritual body? I have received requests in the realm of the paranormal to remove binds from what appear to be spirits that are bound to one another that may be, from what I hear walking in one body. I have heard that some of these have hundreds of spirits walking in one body and that it can present a problem, walking, talking, sleeping, as well as effecting vitals, because all of them may have to do the same thing. Is it possible to remove a bind like this that has been placed, if placed by a spiritual authority? A spiritual authority can be a decision maker, spiritual power, or person. Is it possible to skip trace back to the original decision maker in order to take your case to spiritual court in order to release you from the potential curses, hexes, or footstools, from being bound to spiritual curses? Is it possible to take your case to the highest courts to remove such potential territorial curses, by removing those powers that may be bound? If so, how can this illustration increase your chances of success?

Validate and confirm through approved intercessory channels or verify and confirm through our intercessory channel by contacting the Centurian Forums Board of Directors for assistance.

In my research of religion and psychology, I have heard individuals say, I bind you to..
I bind you in the name of...
(understand that these sentence structures can contain power when used and are designed to complete certain tasks. However, what happens if the bind is presenting another problem for another person or group because of the bind, the bind a few seconds ago, a bind a few years ago, a bind a few decades ago and what happens if that bind is preventing your success because it is bound to failure?  What if the territory is manufacturing failure instead of success? I have heard individuals say (and I'm repharaphrasing it) let me take the Demon or let me bind to the demon.

Do these individuals really comprehend the potential severity of what they are saying? I am referring to the severity of both short term and long term consequences? I indicated earlier, what if that bind is preventing your success because it is bound to failure? Is this the spirits fault? or the failures fault? What if what they think is a Demon, didn't want to be bound and now (they) are bound because someone in the occult placed a request, not the church, and bound them through the realm of the occult, thinking promotion, fame, and riches awaited them?

I have heard in upwards of thousands of conversations in the realm of the paranormal and this appears to be one of the larger problems that I have heard. If you are looking to potentially increase your chances of success, many of the success variables are within this illustration.

On the behalf of Centurian Forums, we wish you success in your future endeavors and will be pleased to assist you in the future, should the need arise. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Centurian Forums Team


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