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3/29/2021 3:43 pm  #1

15. Spiritual Court - Take them to court here

PSpiritual Court - Take them
to court here.

Did someone hex you? Place a spell on you or wish you bad fortune? Send you a rape hex that is affecting
you or have you been affected physically or mentally by their hexes?

I have recorded over 430 of the most volitile hexes that can destroy people. I no longer practice in the dark realm and have sense retired from Santa Muerte, however the information that you are reading on our website forums is based on my life's journey in the spirit world, the things I have seen, experienced and have studied.

With respect to compensation, people are compensated with other forms of assets of security on our forum, for example, confidence, peace, joy, security, health, endurance, protection, strength, and health would be forms of compensation.

If  you are requesting wealth, meaning physical paper, in order to do that we need to turn the request into it's monetary equivalency and in order to do that a tracker can be created from Amanii Collateral Equity that tracks the payout of your request, reward, for winning the court case. This tracker is based on an approval basis.

Another request that can be made is to have the person that committed the offense absorb your calamities, hardships, which is an excellent incentive in itself for justice although it doesn't mean life is going to be picture perfect, each court case and time line increases your chances for over all success.

We do not allow Amanii Collateral Equity payments or Amanii Spiritual currency payments on this forum to be paid out besides the designated CEO, so that inflation does not occur.

In order to take someone to our spiritual court
on this forum

Step 1.
Negotiate with the person hexing or organization that has you on a list.

Step 2.
If negotiations can not be made, bring them to spiritual court where a hologram court should appear here if approved or upon login.

If you are unable to see in the spirit world bring someone that can see that meets biblical ethics that can see.

This court is open to people in the occult that practice witch craft or the church body.

Step 3. Know what you want in advance, if you win, you may be compensated.


Uno Amanii

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