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7/28/2022 3:28 am  #1

22. Loan Department - Get approved for Amanii Collateral Equity

You can get approved for a loan for Amanii Collateral Equity here. The approval process goes through Satan and the Creator of the Universe. Both spiritual forces have access to Amanii Collateral Equity and both sides have an approval process that people have to go through.

You will most likely need to be able to see and hear in the spirit world in order to ask the right kind of questions or know someone who can communicate with spiritual forces. From what I've heard some people already have Amanii Collateral Equity and they are wanting to see if there is a difference in what they have now in any way compared to what they might be approved for. Some people do not have any Amanii Collateral Equity at all and they are looking to increase their financial portfolio.

Once approved you should immediately begin to receive spiritual confirmations and visuals through our intercessory channel and you should be able to see spiritual holograms if you have these spiritual gifts in the paranormal realm.

Interest rates vary. Becomming a member of this website can guarantee a better interest rate and power rating for Amanii Collateral Equity which is set at 100% for members of or

This means that your visual media and just about every aspect of your Amanii Collateral Equity will work that much better. There is a big difference between 67% power rating and 100% power rating so the 100% is what you are looking for. It is like an Ace in your deck of cards.

Signing up can take less than five minutes.

Amanii Spiritual Currency

To get approved and determine whether or not you qualify for a loan for Amanii Spiritual Currency visit: and go to the post that says:
Loan Department - Get Approved for Amanii Collateral Equity.

So now you're holding the Ace, you have qualified and you're ready to move forward, Congratulations!


The names should hologram in the spiritual realm to verify the accuracy of these statements.

Verified by the Creator of the universe and his name spoken aloud.
____________________. Name

Verified by Satan and his name spoken aloud.

____________________. Name

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